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Relentless Protection of Personal Interests

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Start-ups and Fortune 500 corporations have a common goal in legal matters: avoiding costly litigation. Families and individuals also need legal protection and assistance. The most effective way to avoid litigation is to be proactive. You help prevent litigation and legal issues by having an experienced, knowledgeable attorney counsel you on making safe, sound decisions.

Individuals and families in Westchester County and New York City rely on the Law Offices of Patricia G. Micek, to help stop costly litigation before it begins. We also have years of experience in helping clients reach favorable resolutions of disputes before they reach the courts.

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  • Estate planning : Making maximum use of tax benefits under state and federal law to protect your estate.
  • Wills and trusts : Careful, clear planning for the future.
  • Elder law: Proactive legal protection on aging issues.
  • Contracts : Contracts protecting your rights and interests in partnerships and transactions.

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