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White Plains and Larchmont Contracts Lawyers

Law Offices of Patricia G. Micek in White Plains, New York, can help draft, review or negotiate almost any kind of contract. We serve clients throughout New York City and Westchester County, including Yonkers, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, and Scarsdale.

In today’s litigious world, can’t afford to be without the advice of a attorney and consultant. However, small and mid-size may not have the resources to hire their own on-site lawyer. What is the solution? Hire a professional, experienced attorney. Contact Law Offices of Patricia G. Micek in White Plains, New York..

As a New York contracts lawyers, we stay current on all the latest lawsuits that could create legal precedents that could affect your . We know and can explain to you all the newest changes in the law. We also know how to help mitigate the possibility of lawsuits related to contracts that could arise against your .

ELaw Offices of Patricia G. Micek can help your implement better collection methods. For example, we can assure you it’s common practice for many to include disclaimers in their agreements, as well as provisions for late fees, interest, and cessation of service in case of late payments. Such provisions in your sales contracts can help your profitability, help your customer to make timely payments and decrease collections costs.

Law Offices of Patricia G. Micek are lawyers who can help you formulate contracts providing for:

  • Partnership or shareholder agreements to cover disputes or buyouts with your partners
  • The buying or selling of your
  • Entering partnerships and joint ventures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Outsourcing
  • Hiring
  • Acquiring or leasing office space or other property

If you don’t have a clear, professionally drafted buy-sell agreement, where will you turn if one partner in the dies and you suddenly have to deal with his or her spouse? We have extensive experience creating contracts to provide for and protect against this and other possible contract disputes.

Lawyers that truly understand the needs of your New York are Law Offices of Patricia G. Micek in Larchmont and White Plains, New York.

Contact us to set up a consultation, during which we will review your contract needs and our suitability to help you with them.