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Estate Planning and Elder Law

At Law Offices of Patricia G. Micek we do something unique. We combine Estate Planning and Elder Law to provide a comprehensive approach to meet any and all needs that you might have.

We bring over 25 years of expertise and experience of working with clients that have a variety of family situations and health circumstances.

From an Estate Planning perspective, we work with you to create a detailed and personalized plan to leave your assets to your loved ones and ensure they aren’t lost to nursing home costs or to your spouse’s second marriage after you die.

On the Elder Law side, we show you how to obtain free care in your own home and still protect your assets during your lifetime, so that they are not eaten up by your own long-term care expenses. That way, your assets can go to your loved ones- not the nursing home.

This comprehensive and customized Estate Planning and Elder Law expertise and planning process allows us to put you, your needs and wants first.