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Estate Planning And Elder Law- Why Go To A lawyer Who Does Both?

At the Law Offices of Patricia G. Micek PLLC, we do something unique. We combine Estate Planning and Elder Law to provide a comprehensive approach to meet any and all needs that you and your family might have. This enables us to have a long-term relationship with you and your family. We get to know your needs, your values and your wishes, and craft a flexible plan to cover you throughout your lifetime and after you pass on. We work with your family members, financial advisor, accountant, and insurance professional to minimize estate taxes and maximize the assets that pass to your family in the easiest and most cost-effective way.

We do not try to shoehorn you into a cookie-cutter package. We listen to your needs, concerns and desires and craft a plan that is tailor-made for your individual family. We do not talk down to our clients or try to make the process mysterious. If you don’t understand exactly what you are doing and why, you should not do it. We understand that most of these concepts are new to you, and we don’t use “legalese” to explain them. We give you concrete examples from everyday life, and from our own and our clients’ experiences, to show you the value of the type of planning that we offer.

Planning now can save a lot of heartache and confusion for your family in the event of your disability or death. It will help eliminate family disagreements, and save you from losing all of your assets to long-term care costs, second marriages, huge medical costs, business losses, lawsuits, etc.