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What Is Elder Law?

Navigating and dealing with the financial and health care needs as we age can be a difficult task on many levels – it’s time-consuming and complicated. It’s even more complex and challenging if you are trying to juggle those conflicting issues for yourself or for a close loved one. We understand and we can help alleviate this stress by being your go-to resource to discuss and help you resolve these difficult issues. We will give you the information you need to know and ensure you have a comprehensive plan for how to protect yourself and your family in your personal situation. We can give you valuable referrals to other professionals who can help you with your financial or family needs.

With over 25 years of experience, we know firsthand the complex and difficult challenges for families that come with aging. We have been through these issues with our own families, and bring a compassionate understanding to potentially delicate family issues. We also know the importance of creating a plan for your assets that works for the specific needs of your family. We will work with you to create a customized plan so that you, your family and your hard-earned assets are protected from the potentially devastating cost of long-term care. We help you ensure that your money and possessions go to your loved ones and no one else, especially if you should die first and your spouse remarries.

We want to help you protect yourself, preserve your assets, and protect your children or your aging parent.

Without proper planning, many people see their assets completely drained by care at home or nursing home fees. It doesn’t have to be that way. We will ensure that you have a proper plan and that your assets are protected through effective and sound strategies.

Most people do not realize that with the proper planning, they can keep all of their assets and still receive long-term care paid for by the state. You do not need to use up all of your assets and “spend down” on your care until you are living at a near-poverty level in order to qualify for free care. We can show you how you can maintain your normal lifestyle and hold onto all of your assets and still get free care at home, avoiding the Nursing Home. However, this requires planning NOW, at least 30 months before you need the care.

Very few people today actually need to go into a nursing home. We can help get you qualified for free long-term care in your own home. We have many clients, in all stages of health, who are safely being cared for by trained health-care aides in their own homes. This includes clients who have COPD and are on oxygen, are on dialysis, are blind, are bed-ridden, in wheelchairs and on walkers.

However, this type of planning should not be delayed. There are time frames within which it must be put in place to get the full protection before physical or mental disability strikes.

Most people do this type of planning in their early sixties, or sooner if a serious medical condition is diagnosed.

We are committed to providing expert guidance and support in elder law and estate planning so you can make informed decisions that protect your assets. That way, your assets can go to your loved ones, and not to the nursing home!

For more information on this type of planning, and to schedule a confidential discussion, please call our office at 914-358-4235, or email [email protected].