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Elder Law

What Is Elder Law?

Elder Law is a broad area of legal practice that addresses the specialized legal concerns of seniors and family members of aging individuals.

Navigating and dealing with the financial and health care needs as individuals age can be a difficult task on many levels – it’s time-consuming and complicated. It’s even more complex and challenging if you are trying to juggle those conflicting issues for yourself or for a close loved one. We understand and we can help alleviate this stress by being your go-to resource to discuss and resolve these difficult issues. We will give you the information you need to know and ensure you have a detailed plan for how to proceed confidently in your personal situation.

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We want to help you protect yourself, preserve your assets, and protect your children or your aging parent.

Without proper planning, many people see their assets drained by medical care or nursing home fees. It doesn’t have to be that way. We will ensure that you have a proper plan and that your assets are protected through the most effective and sound strategies allowed by law.

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